Third Party Content

Big thanks to all the community who help out with SystemsRx/EcsRx.

Hey, I want to have my plugin listed too!

Great stuff buddy, all you need to do is add it here in a PR with a link to the plugin (with optional profile link) and a blurb about what the plugin is/does, or if you don't fancy that just raise an issue detailing the above and we can add it for you.

Community Plugins

A SystemsRx Plugin that provides a base notion for implementing a plugin to control when a system is started and stopped with ease.

Community Examples/Tutorials

A simple web based auto battler made using SystemRx, OpenRpg and Blazor. It was mainly done as a live stream but the repo can be used to see how to run SystemsRx/EcsRx in the browser.

Games Made With SystemsRx

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